Hi, I'm Jennifer

I am a heady but personable, bookish therapist with a passion for learning and a love for new adventures such as traipsing through jungles or learning to play the cello for the very first time at the age of 40. I have more planners, post-it’s, and habit trackers then I’ll ever need, and my growing book collection has raised the eyebrows of my wife more than a few times.

As a sensitive child growing up in a chaotic, religiously rigid environment, I know what it’s like to become a people-pleasing adult with a pervading sense that something is wrong with you. Despite my early challenges, I have gone on to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for myself and I absolutely love helping others do the same. I work with people who have learned to survive by quieting their needs, being cautious of relationships, and learning to take up less space; but are now ready and eager to make the changes in their life that will lead them to rediscover their worthiness, sense of agency, and meaningful connection with others.

Being an Enneagram 5, I am overly passionate about learning and have training in a wide array of methods. I particularly love and utilize Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM), all of which I integrate into my sessions. But, I won’t talk jargon & theory with you, unless you want. Being specialized in these trauma-informed modalities, I now help others explore the roots and tangles of their own life experiences and heal the things that are hurting.


NARM Institute

NeuroAffective Relational Model

Completed Level 2

Level 3 in progress

IFS Institute

Internal Family Systems

Completed Level 1

Completed Level 2: IFIO;    Level 2: Deepening & Expanding in progress

Certification in progress


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Sensorimotor Institute


Completed Level 1

EMDR Attachment and 


Brainspotting Institute




Completed Levels 1& 2

Completed Levels 1 & 2

Completed Levels 1 & 2




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