Hello, I'm Jessica

My name is Jessica. I’m an empathic, intuitive and flexible therapist with a passion for live music, learning, and adventures.  Being a music lover has led me to travel all over the country, and feel into the connection and transcendence that music brings to people’s lives.  I value the healing power of nature and both the grounding and awe-inspiring energy it brings, and am always up for going someplace new. While I enjoy learning as much about the human condition as possible, I am continually inspired by the mystery of life and all that it brings.  As an enneagram 2, I am passionate about holding space for others, and have learned to balance this with radical self-care. Self-care for me looks like cuddling with my cat Salem, taking a long salt bath, reading about astrology, and pulling tarot cards (my Grateful Dead tarot deck is my favorite).

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My Story

Growing up as a deeply sensitive, neurodivergent child in an invalidating environment, I know what it’s like to experience feelings of abandonment and like there is something wrong with you. Being open and vulnerability can be scary, when your experiences and emotions have not been responded to adequately. It is my belief that we all have the capacity to heal, and that it occurs through safe connection with others. Being human can be both deeply painful and joyful, and I am here to hold space for it all.  My own personal healing journey was propelled by both a connection to nature and the metaphysical. I believe in the power of psychedelics and plant medicine as a pathway to healing for some, and am here to walk with you and guide you on this path, should you choose. I offer both psychedelic integration work and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) as part of my practice. 

My work is centered around empowering womxn and gender diverse folx, especially those who have experienced interpersonal or cultural trauma. My approach is from a holistic and relational lens, using Internal Family Systems (IFS, aka parts work), Dialectical-Behavior Therapy (DBT), and both mindfulness-based and somatic approaches to work with deep wounds that have developed due to trauma. I have special interest and training in working with the adolescent/young adult population, those who have experienced religious trauma, & survivors of narcissistic abuse. I also provide assessment of ADHD on a limited basis. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!