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Developing Creative Possibilities

In the era of social media, when art techniques and skills that were previously gatekept are suddenly accessible to view and learn, what does it mean to be creative? When we have social media account after social media account filled with beautiful and skilled art pieces, how do we harness the power of our own creative selves? How do we express ourselves without comparing ourselves to other people's processes, skill levels, or styles? How do we allow ourselves to create by being in the process? Here are a few ideas to explore.


Give yourself permission. Permission to make “bad” art. Permission to try or explore. Permission to just be in the moment with your process, your body, and your art. Try to be present without passing judgment. Creating is a process, not a destination. Like in life, your art is a growing, shifting, and changing process. Give yourself permission to see where it will take you.


What is your body telling you? Do you need to take a break? What does that color mean to you? Remember, only you can interpret your art and creative process. What is it telling you? Do you need support from friends or your community? Maybe you need to close that image in your sketchbook or hang it on the wall. Allow yourself to sit with your art and creative process and ask questions. You are tuning into a different part of yourself. What does it have to share with you?


Create a system or ritual around your developing creative practice. Do you have a favorite song you like to play? Maybe you have a snack or a drink you like to savor beforehand or during? Do you have a favorite set of colored pencils or a magical sketchbook you are drawn to using? Creating a ritual that you are excited about may help you transition into your creative practice. Make this time a magical space of possibilities!


Art is not limited to 2 dimensions! Your creative process can be the way you move your body to music, the way you do your make-up, or dress. Ask yourself what are you drawn to. Where can you add a creative process? Maybe, you want to explore repurposing those yogurt containers or that t-shirt that never fit right. Explore what you have and see what comes to you. The magick of untapped creativity and possibilities can be sitting on a shelf or in the trash!

We all create in unique ways and there is only one, YOU. Give yourself permission to create something, today. Remember, only you can interpret your art and creative process!

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