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Art Therapy

Art as a platform for increased depth of communication with oneself, their therapist, and others close to them is it encourages the mind to externalize and express itself in a new way that requires personal reflection and mind-body attunement.

Art Therapy provides a basis for developing and enhancing the level of meaning and purpose one experiences in their life through providing coping mechanisms, grounding techniques, emotional processing, and accessing the subconscious through visual imagery to bring it to a conscious, actionable level. It is of great importance that one does not have to be an “artist” to find Art Therapy meaningful, rather in the context of Art Therapy the motto is “everything you create is correct and of value,” no matter what it looks like. Sometimes the end product is not meaningful at all, but rather the process behind it, so a non-judgmental and gently accepting mindset is supported by the Art Therapist. This development of unique thought processes in a safe and supportive environment has the potential to help a wide scope of people including those who find their quality of life impacted by their LGBTQIA+ life experiences, chronic illness/pain, attachment disorders, traumatic events, psychosocial concerns, cultural stressors, racism, differential learning abilities, and mental health challenges. The holistic practice of Art Therapy holds the potential to aid in self-growth and in doing so will demonstrate positive influences on one’s perspective, behaviors, stress levels, interpersonal skills, mind-body connection, and level of personal insight.

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