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Hi, My name is Jamie.

I’m a music therapist with a gigantic passion for music, go figure. I’ve been a musician (primarily playing guitar and singing) for about 15 years or so. I’ve also been in a few bands, which really pushed me out of my comfort zone as the introvert I am and forced me to develop those interpersonal social skills. Music is the single most valuable thing that has helped (and continues to help) me cope with life’s not-so-great offerings, and that’s what I hope to help you find, even if it’s not music! I also have a huge passion for board games, which my wife and I can’t seem to stop collecting (our closet is definitely not okay with that, but we are). I also love playing basketball, watching anime, learning about anything science-related, and walking our little monster (Shih-poo mix).

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My Story

I’ve worked with many populations as a music therapist, though specialize in working with those struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and addiction. Maybe it’s our family members, friends, coworkers, or ourselves; we all have someone in our life that deals with one or more of these issues at some point. My goal is to help others find what works for them, not necessarily what works for me or another person who has “found the cure” because that just doesn’t exist. All of us are individuals with different needs and desires, and different things give us different amounts of joy. That being said, it has been absolutely incredible and inspiring to watch clients find the things that give them joy and run with them, all while learning to conquer some of life’s challenges.

I bring a somewhat different draw to therapy sessions from what I’ve traditionally found to be the case, as I combine some of the pillars of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Brainspotting and Music Therapy to support the exploration of the beautiful maybe-not-so-little mansion in our head (yes, all the rooms, even the ones we lock up and keep hidden from others and/or ourselves). A typical session with me can include improvisational and non-improvisational music-making (I play guitar, drums, piano and sing and love to actively make music with others), meditation practices, relaxation/anxiety reduction segments, lyric (and/or music video) analysis, case studies of artists/musicians, grounding practices, adapted music lessons, neuroeducation and just talking about whatever we feel needs to be talked about. Also, just to give you a heads-up: music tends to activate our limbic system (emotions!), so be prepared for that, and if that’s something you might be uncomfortable with, you’ve come to the right place!

Jamie is currently only able to offer a waitlist at this time.

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Payment options for Jamie include:

Private Pay, BCBS & PacificSource Insurance


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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