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Our Team

Clinicians at Embodied Life Therapy Center bring a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience in working with relationship issues and the impact on our lives as a result. At ELTC we offer a variety of ways to heal and grow with treatments such as IFS, EMDR, and Somatic therapies that lead to long lasting change. We also hold a neuro-affirming lens alongside our trauma- informed care and can provide ADHD and autism evaluations and medication management. 

​We work with root causes while staying focused on current concerns such as the pervasive feeling of not being good enough, the impulse to play small, and the sense that we don’t have control in our lives. Our work together can transform the relationship you have with yourself and those around you by healing any unresolved trauma, unhelpful beliefs, or emotional distress that prevents you from living life to your full potential.​​

So, if you want a stronger sense of self- agency, deeper embodiment, and a life of empowerment, we are here to help.

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