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Adult ADHD/ Autism Assessments at ELTC

Assessment Options

  1. Comprehensive Clinical Assessment for Adults. The Comprehensive Evaluation will provide you with an official diagnosis and full write up that will become a part of your official medical records. This is a lengthy process (approximately 10+ hours) and consists of an investment of both your time and resources to complete it for ADHD, autism and or both. 

  2. Identity Exploration for Adults. The Identity Exploration will be a shorter process (approximately 6+ hours), and is more time and cost effective. The Identity exploration will be a short, succinct writeup for your personal use, can be written with or without a diagnosis and can be kept off your official medical records. 

Assessments Process 

  • Intake

  • Measurements

  • Interviews 

  • Written report

Considerations for choosing Assessment Type

At ELTC, we specialize in working with late-identified/ high-masking adults and we highly advise that you have had a period of research or discussions with your therapist before scheduling an evaluation. We’ve found that for this population of folks, after a lifetime of normalizing potential neurodivergent traits, being able to decipher what’s being assessed is important in the diagnostic process. Without doing a period of discovery, the assessment might not be as effective as it could be. Please be prepared with answers to the following questions prior to scheduling


  1. In what ways have you questioned or explored your neurodiversity? What has led you to seek an assessment at this time?

  2. What do you want the diagnosis for? ie. confirmation of neurodiversity for self-validation, identity confirmation, work/school accommodations/ medication/ disability etc. 

  3. Do you want an adhd/autism evaluation or are you also interested in ruling in/out any previous diagnosis such as bipolar. borderline PD, PTSD etc.

  4. The amount of time and financial resources you can invest in the process? A comprehensive evaluation is an investment of 8-12 hours of time for both you and your assessor. 

  5. Are you looking for a full Psychological Evaluation with IQ testing? 

           *there are no providers at ELTC who provide IQ testing

Considerations for choosing an Assessor

  • An assessor who is neurodivergent-affirming and/or neurodivergent themselves

  • For therapy clients considering a diagnosis from their current therapist, it is important to consider that many late identified adults struggle with a sort of imposture symptom in receiving a later in life diagnosis, so we ask that you take your time in considering if getting an outside opinion from someone, who isn't your regular therapist, would increase validation of a diagnosis. It’s also possible that being assessed by your therapist whom you have already developed rapport and trust could be helpful in the diagnostic process. 


Scheduling an Assessment

Once you have made the decision to move forward with scheduling as assessment, complete the following request form or contact us providing information for the following:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation or Identity Exploration

  • If you have a preference for assessor 

  • ADHD, autism, and/or both

  • Potential dates for both 1 hour and 2 hour interviews (at least 2 weeks apart)

  • Billing and Insurance 

  • Anything pertinent you want us to know for scheduling your assessment 

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