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Neurodivergent Community Group

A community space for late identified/diagnosed autisitc/adhder adults seeking community, connection, self-discovery & support

At Embodied Life Therapy Center, we understand the importance of community and support for individuals who identify as neurodivergent. That’s why we offer a welcoming space for late identified adults to connect with others who share similar experiences. Our Neurodivergent Community Group provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking to cultivate a deeper awareness of themselves, build relationships, and gain a sense of belonging and support. The community group will be facilitated by therapist and owner, Jennifer Dodd, late-in-life diagnosed Audhder.


The group is not a therapy or support group, but rather a group cultivated with the intention of creating community for connection, learning, and processing of our experiences as late-identified/diagnosed autistic/adhd adults.


Join us today and start your journey towards healing and connection.


Where- Online via Zoom

When- Biweekly Mondays from 3:30pm-5pm

Length- 90 mins

Who- Neurodivergent late diagnosed/identified autistic/adhder Adults

Sign up- Complete form or email to request a brief, free consult

Group size- Capped at 8 participants


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