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Assessments, Therapy & Medication Management for Adults

At ELTC we believe that neurotypes are differences, not disorders. We challenge negative beliefs and myths about neurodivergent folks and instead provide service that is strengths based and affirming. All therapists and providers at ELTC, several of whom identify as neurodivergent, receive ongoing training and supervision.

Neurodivergent-Affirming ADHD and Autism Assessments for Adults

At ELTC, we specialize in working with late-identified/ high-masking adults and offer two options for neurodivergent-affirming evaluations. Options include either a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment or an Identity Exploration Assessment. The evaluation options range between 3-12 hours of time, which will be face to face with the assessor, screenings, and time for analyzing data and report writing.  Evaluations are a collaboration between the client and the assessor, who together will determine the length and scope of the evaluation depending on your needs. Click here for detailed information on scheduling an assessment.

Therapy, Consultations, Medication Management, and Groups

Click here to learn more about our providers who are offering therapy, medication management, and assessments for adults, consultation for providers, individuals, and family members, as well as our Neurodivergent-Affirming Community Care Group for adults. 



Click here to learn more about the Neurodiversity Paradigm. 

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