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Neurodivergent Community Group

Adults only

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • Telehealth in OR|Telehealth in WA|Telehealth in CA

Service Description

At Embodied Life Therapy Center, we understand the importance of community and support for individuals who identify as neurodivergent. That’s why we offer a welcoming space for late identified adults to connect with others who share similar experiences. Our Neurodivergent Community Group provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking to cultivate a deeper awareness of themselves, build relationships and gain a sense of belonging and support. Join us today and start your journey towards healing and connection.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

ELTC’s Reschedule-Only Policy In order for us to be able to maintain consistency and hold a regular session slot, ELTC has a ‘reschedule only policy’ for appointments. If both client and clinician agree to a specified, recurring slot, the client will be guaranteed a permanent therapy appointment on such day and time. If the client cannot make their scheduled appointment time, they just need to reschedule it and they will not be charged for a missed session, regardless of when it was canceled. It allows more time to reschedule due to a larger window of time. We encourage clients to use the week prior, the week of, or the week after to reschedule the appointment. ELTC provides one session annually to cancel without penalty in addition to all federal holidays and an annual vacation, to be coordinated and discussed ahead of time. This is ELTC’s way of removing barriers for both the clinician, who cannot schedule that time and therefore must live with an unpredictable schedule as well as the client, who no longer has to scramble to reschedule within a short window of time without being charged for that missed slot. If an extended period of time is needed, that slot can be forfeited until the client decides to resume regular sessions and can request a new slot at that time. Contact us at for all your scheduling needs.

Contact Details

  • Portland, OR 97229


  • Seattle, WA, USA


  • Los Angeles, CA, USA


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