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Victor Wooten's Power - "Music as a Language" Excerpt

Victor Wooten is an incredibly accomplished American bassist, songwriter, and record producer. The Ted Talk “Music as a Language” reflects on Victor’s upbringing with music and how he views/teaches the subject to others, often referring to is as another language; the Ted Talk also dives into the aspect (towards the end) about how he has found to use his greatness to inspire others and bring them upwards to meet him where he’s at. He starts talking about an experience of going to a university and inviting a young woman up on stage to play his bass (which she got to keep – so jealous), continuing that “because we were great, nobody would know who the newcomer was in this band on stage.”

He continues, “So that let me know, ‘Wow!’ If I use my greatness (interchange the word ‘power’ here if desired) in the right way, it can help others rise up quickly. If someone puts you on a pedestal (or you have a positive position of power), don’t come down acting like you’re humble and meet them; stay up there because that’s showing you how high they can see. Stay there and pull them up. And they’ll grow faster than if you come down.”

Victor’s continued success and fresh approach to both music learning and philosophy

brings a new meaning to the word “power” as it relates to learning and growing quickly. If you are interested in discovering more about Victor Wooten and his story about how he discovered music as a language and how to help others find their own power in music, visit Here is a bonus clip of Victor’s musicianship as well for relaxed viewing:

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