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Body… neutral

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

It’s holiday season during quarantine and we are about to be inundated with body and food shaming. Even a global pandemic is not enough to stop the insanity of food and body control efforts in the new year. For folx whose bodies are marginalized in society, this pressure can bring up complex feelings of shame, urges to modify their bodies, as well as depression and anxiety. This is an especially tenuous time for individuals with past or current eating disorders.

Adapting a neutral or weight inclusive stance is one way to combat that toxic messaging. Rather than loving or hating a body size, shape, or weight, we can aim for neutrality instead. Rather than controlling, counting, or manipulating food, we can practice mindful eating, seeking enjoyment and variety over numbers and categories.

This year is an opportunity to choose freedom and trust in ourselves and in our own bodies needs by listening to our inner voice and not the loud calls of the diet culture at large.

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