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The harder things are, the more self-care is needed.

The more complicated, difficult, oppressive, and taxing life is for you: the more time & energy you need in self-care practices that energize, heal, and fill you back up.

Life is more difficult if:

You’re a survivor of trauma. You’re a minority. You experience micro-aggressions. You are a person of color. You identify as LGBTQAI. You have a mental illness. You live in poverty. You are disabled. Your work is in service of human healing & social justice.

Therefore, your energy reserves & threshold to manage the stress of daily living is lower than those who do not have their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and/ or psychological energy devoted to coping with these additional weights.

Self- care then becomes the way you live your life. Lavender bath bubbles are not enough. The intention and energy you bring into all you do, needs to be in devotion tMoo your health, healing, and your will to survive and thrive. The more you create a life and environment that serve you best, the less repair work, therapy, and healing you will need to do later.

Self-care is the investment you make in yourself. Your future self will thank you.

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