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Treating the Whole Person in Therapy

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Healing is collaborative, dynamic and multi- faceted. Psychotherapy is the part of the pie that I collaborate with my clients on.

In addition to the clients own supports and self-care practices, I seek out other clinicians and healing practitioners to help support the work we are doing in sessions. I personally research and meet with anyone I hope to offer as additional resources to my client. They must first and foremost have a good framework and understanding of trauma. I also make sure they are Queer & LGBTQ affirming, and social justice oriented.

They include:

Books & Psychoeducation

Trauma- Focused Yoga



Group Therapy

Trauma- Focused Massage & Bodywork

Local LGBTQA Center


Intuitive Eating R.D’s

DBT & Coping Skills Classes

Coordinating care is important, so I am sure to ask permission to speak with outside providers and ask for specifics of what my clients would like to be shared or disclosed.

Working in this holistic, collaborative way allows for the best possible outcomes and also conveys the importance of working with the whole person. Recovery is a journey that doesn’t just happen in a one hour session of therapy a week. It takes a community to heal.

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