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Healing the Past in the Present

We can change the distorted beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world through active, intentional mindful awareness of our internal world in the present moment.

Trauma dysregulates our nervous system so that the messages sent from our bodies to our brains and back can get very confused. One of the central message errors is in regard to the very thing our brain cares most about: our safety and ability to survive. One question trauma survivors can begin to ask themselves then is: even though I don’t ‘feel’ safe, is it possible that in this present environment, I might actually be safe?

This mindful awareness allows us to begin orienting ourselves to our surroundings externally. We notice our environment. We become curious of the people we are with, did we hear them accurately? We check the current moment with our past experiences and assess if we are feeling old stuck feelings or if we are living life with new energy and clarity, now.

By using mindful inquiry and intention we shift from reactive responses to a new empowered state with a stronger locus of control.

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